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April 2007

29.04.2007 by AjAX

Tomb Runners understood more of a new level runned in Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact!

That's right "doninss" on the forums added a new run in this "liquid papered" table, we won't tell you which level it is as it's kind of obvious.

He completely destroyed the level with an astonishing time of 1:13, cornerbugging, safety droping, flare canceling, all of these in one meeting.

He also made another run of the Bonus level of the same game.

He's been able to run the spooky level that is "Reunion", and he done it with Cornerbugs! Time is 1:26

I improved a litle bit over the Tomb Raider Chronicles Table, I have redone Trajan's Markets and The Colosseum with both 2 seconds of improvements!!

Unfortunatly, I haven't had time to encode Trajan's Markets in NQ, so for now only LQ is available, but to please you for my lack of patience, I had uploaded a really funny bloober which you can get here, and not on the table.

Ewil on his side, decided to run his favorite game again, he is working a lot and he doesn't have a lot of time for himself nor for Lara, but Lara's so addictive that he can't pass running some more level.

So today, here's the perfect run of Tomb of Seth

01.04.2007 by AjAX

Unfortunately, I received a message this morning about........"C" will be added in Quality on time attack table, standing for comments.

NAH! April's F00l's

Today, a new category has been added in the Tomb Raider II page, Secrets Completion. And to inaugure that, I have decided to make a speedrun of one of the coolest level in my opinion: The great Wall. I ripped it in 4:59 taking all secrets.

The Area 51 page have been re-edited, let's all thanks MMAN for his faboulous job on that!

I also improved Tomb Raider Chronicles - Street of Rome level, by 0:27 seconds for a final time of 7:01, available in 3 qualities.