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August 2007

04.08.2007 by AjAX

Yes sir, Rikux is on fire!!

Really is on fire, no shit, someone should give him an instinguisher, cause he will make this table burn.

xRikux89 managed to fill this TRA Table, with only barely little space for us to run levels, maybe he ismad at us or something?

Anyway, here's what he have to give us!

Lost Valley in 8:47

Sanctuary of the Scion in 6:06

Temple of Khamoon in 7:57

Final Conflict in 4:18

Natla's Mines in 7:31

And Finally:

Tomb of Tihocan in 6:35

Also, Spikie1011 managed to shave off a whole second over Ewil's 3:28 Mountains cave, bringing to time down to

/me calculate*

Oh yeah, 3:27