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April 2008

26.04.2008 by Ewil

First off, my runs :P

Underneath the Sphinx in 10:56, Part 2

Menkaure's Pyramid in 1:47

Now others runs:

Tomb of Qualopec in 0:59, Archive - by RadxxRyan

Catacombs of the Talion in 2:22 - by rickybazire

St. Francis' Folly in 6:52, Archive - by RadxxRyan

Jungle in 0:46 - by Joaldinho2k7

Crash Site in 6:05 - by Joaldinho2k7

As you've probably noticed, we have a new runner, so please kindly welcome Joaldinho2k7 !!!

There are also two big news, I'm going to Egypt next month. I'll be visiting many places, where Lara Croft stood and fought before. I'll definitely take as many photos as my memory card will allow me to :)

The second big news is that this site sucks, thus we've decided to make a change and create a whole new webdesign with many new ideas and things, so stay tuned. It's gonna take a while, but should be really nice once done.

02.04.2008 by rickybazire

Another run from RadxxRyan, Lost Valley in 4:39

And once again, I've cut 40 Fathoms down to 4:11