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August 2008

30.08.2008 by Ewil

More secrets

There have been quite a lot of new runs this month and even more are coming. We have new members, Storm from Hungary, who did a couple custom level runs so far, although he said he's gonna redo them, and Random from Scotland, who has beated Tomb of Qualopec record by one second !

xRikux89' TR III non-glitched secrets run finished in 2:57:55 !

Aldwych in  17:12  Part2

Lud's Gate in  17:13  Part2

City in  2:16

Coastal Village in  5:32

Crash Site in  6:04

Madubu Gorge in  10:56  Part2

Temple of Puna in  3:04

Antarctica in  10:06  Part2

RX-Tech Mines in  14:39  Part2

Lost City of Tinnos in  15:00  Part2

Meteorite Cavern in  3:21

All Hallows in  4:49

You can download the entire run HERE

And one almost forgotten run: The Great Wall secrets in  5:32

RadxxRyan's TR II secrets glitched run

The Great Wall G in  4:13

Venice G in  3:54

Bartoli's Hideout G in  6:53

Again, after the run is complete I will post a better quality here.


Nerkopolis G in  1:37  NQ

Caves G in  2:20  NQ

There is one more run from jarekhanzelka, but I lost the video, so let's hope he's gonna upload it again.


Tomb of Qualopec G in  0:58  NQ

07.08.2008 by rr_carroll

More bug descriptions.

Flicker Motion has been added to the Corner Bug Variations of Area 51.

05.08.2008 by Ewil

Help ! Anniversary glitches everywhere !

There have been some major glitches found in Anniversary and after some discussion, we have decided it would be good to make another category, which will be called "GG" or "glitched glitched". This category is only for Out of Bounds and Air-walk glitches as they look like you cheat :)

Also, we will have a first complete secrets run done by xRikux89 !

xRikux89' TR III non-glitched secrets run

Jungle in  5:56 - this run goes to recommended section

Temple Ruins in  16:18  Part2

River Ganges in  6:54

Caves of Kaliya in  1:36 - 0 secrets in this level

Nevada Desert in  7:45

High Security Compound in  16:03  Part2

Area 51 in  12:59  Part2

Thames Wharf in  4:51

Once the run is finished, I will post here better quality than youcrap.

RadxxRyan has finished his Legend run in 1:04:03

Bolivia Redux in  1:54 - will not be on timetable

As promised, here are the downloadable videos. Don't be surprised by so many files, has probably the worst interface and files listing ever and I will probably never understand what is that for, what will that do etc. There are HQ and NQ, but I had to re-encode the already encoded videos that came from RadxxRyan as it was interlaced and had black stripes on all sides, so the quality isn't so good.

And now some awesome glitches in Anniversary by jardart...

Lost Valley GG in  0:12  IQ

Final Conflict GG in  1:17  HQ

...and by ilovelctr

Obelisk of Khamoon GG in  2:20  HQ

We have a new member "jarekhanzelka" and he has just submitted his first run

Piazza La Fontana G in  0:31  Archive

I've updated FAQ & Rules section for ftp account if you prefer it over the Submit form.