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December 2008

18.12.2008 by Ewil

Radical changes

I've decided to separate runs to Continuous and Individual categories as some levels are so close to being optimal that even a single item can change the record and since we have a rule that every new run must beat the previous one in its category, my new Venice run wouldn't actually make it to the timetable :) From now on, you will see "C" and "I" at the end of timetables, which stands for Continous and Individual type of run. Also, I added Entire runs table as there was no record of a complete runs done by just one person. Storm has decided to take the challenge of maintenancing TombRunner Youtube account. There are just 6 videos so far and the visual is ugly, but hopefully that will change soon. See here. Last thing is that we agreed to ban runs of demo versions as these levels tend to suck or they're different from full version.

Storm's Underworld continuous run

Prologue in 1:04

The Path of Avalon in 3:22

Niflheim in 3:03

The Norse Connection in 4:28

God of Thunder in 1:18

Realm of Dead in 1:06

Remnants in 3:05  Part2

Bhogavati in 10:02  Part2  Part3  Part4

The Ancient World in 1:27

Puppet No Longer in 0:56

Individual runs

The Gate of the Dead G in 3:32  Archive

Old City G in 3:25  NQ

Yggdrasil in 1:06  Archive

Lara in Monaco in 0:30  Archive

jardart's Anniversary continuous glitched

Midas's Palace GG in 0:47

Tomb of Tihocan GG in 3:07  Part2

xRikux89's Chronicles continuous secrets

The Submarine in 10:03

Deepsea Dive in 4:31

rickybazire's Himalayan Mysteries continuous glitched

Frozen in Time - To the Starship in 18:30

Ewil's TRII continuous glitched

Venice in 3:22  FTP

RadxxRyan's TRII continuous glitched secrets

Temple of Xian in 15:26  Part2

There is one more speedrun in progress by xRikux89 and that's Underworld continuous. The thing is, he has to record in 15fps, which means you'll never see it here, but I'm sure most of you will still want to see it (I did), so just keep an eye on this playlist.