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February 2008

28.02.2008 by rickybazire

Ewil did 2 new runs in TR4:

City of the Dead in 55 seconds

Chambers of Tulun in 15 seconds

The final time isn't shown because Ewil is on a 'rampage' with his speedruns!

22.02.2008 by MMAN

Thanks to Ewil and rickybazire, the Tomb Raider 2 and 3 pages have been updated with more runs by RadxxRyan, and two Tomb Raider 2 runs by me, various typos and other small issues have also been ironed out. Stay tuned for more soon.

20.02.2008 by MMAN

Hi, since there have been no updates for ages, I was granted access to do some work myself, thanks to Ewil. The Area 51 page has been tweaked a bit, along with a new move in the form of the grab cancel in Tomb Raider 1 (Legend and Anniversary stuff should be added soon too), I also tweaked the rules page a little.

Everything else has been video updates, and there are a LOT. First, Tomb Raider 3 has updates to Jungle and Nevada Desert (both involving some interesting new tricks). RadxxRyan has been to work on Chronicles, and done a run of the whole game, along with AjAX providing an improved Streets of Rome run (Deep Sea Dive times and final times are not listed yet, as I need to work out some technicalities involving them). My finished run of Legend is now listed, with a final time of 54:19. Jadart has also provided some new Anniversary runs (yes, that page is pretty broken, working out how to fix it will be a priority).

This is just the start, as there still many runs of TR4 by Ewil (which I have been unable to list yet owing to the spaghetti code of that page), and a new custom levels section with a run of my own.

As a final note, it seems like the archive links to my TR3 run (and maybe others) are broken, fixing them is another thing that will need to be done at some point, you can still access them by following the instructions in the error message though.

News edit: The Chronicles times has been sorted out now.

09.02.2008 by AjAX

Okay, TombRunner is about to take a year and as discussed in the forums we should do something for it, right?

When Ewil and I made this site, the first thing in our head was speedrunning original developed games. That included both Core Design and Crystal Dynamics game.

But as the site grows, many videos that was originally thought optimal has been improved to death, meaning the site will go down in popularity and lack of running will ensue.

So I suggested a while ago about running Custom made level which can be found at

The idea if you haven't understood it already is to run custom-fan-made levels.

That means you will die and still have levels to run.

What I'm asking you is what are your thoughts about it, and most importantly.

Are you up for the challenge?