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January 2008

06.01.2008 by AjAX

A While!

Please take note that if you want your video to get up this site, you now have to post in "The Eye of Horus" Section of the forums, no one seems to know because I know that there is a shitload of new videos but I only updated those who post in it since seeking through the forums and looking for everything is a big job.

Just so you know the "Attack of the Table" update took me around 5 hours only.

From now on, I beg you to make video and upload them somewhere since youtube crappy quality is really shitty and who want to watch blurry pixel moving when you can get a clean 60fps High quality video!

You don't need to make LQ,NQ,HQ but at least, please, make an NQ or HQ video so we can all enjoy your run to the fullest.

I made a big submission guide where every thing is written in order to make a video in 2-click, like I said at first it can be hard or new to you but then, again, when you know how, it takes a minute.

Thank you for your collaboration dear Tomb runner, I will wait for your video, and I also updated the broken link of the H264 codec, it's now a stand-alone that vdub will automaticly detect, so Use this codec if you please, its so much nicier, I swear.

Ewil restarted his Tomb Raider 4 run as you might all know, and since he made 25% of the run, so the videos are now up for your viewing pleasure, if you like youtube quality I putted the link but also putted the FTP link so you can download LQ,NQ,HQ in Xvid and H264 Formats.

Here's the level and time for his TR4 run so far.

KV5 in 1:35

Temple of Karnak-1st in 1:17

The Great Hypostyle Hall-1st in 1:01

Sacred Lake-1st in 3:51

Temple of Karnak-2nd in 3:19

The Great Hypostyle Hall-2nd in 2:36

Sacred Lake-2nd in 1:59

Tomb of Semerkhet in 5:53 (A MUST SEE!!!)

Guardian of Semerkhet in 4:00

Desert Railroad in 3:27

And that conclude his contribution, now next!

Introducing a new young runner or old, anyway, his youtube profile picture is quite confusing.

ilovetrc is very talented and abuse shortcuts in many ways.

He made some videos for Tomb Raider Anniversary and pulled a really cool glitch in Tomb of Qualopec, anyway, here are the videos he offered to us.

Mountain Caves in 3:19

City of Vilcabamba in 2:43

Tomb of Qualopec in 5:26

Let's all welcome him!

Beware dear Tomb runners that TRADQ(Tomb Raider Anniversary Done quick) has started and therefore we shall make the greatest and highest quality speedrun ever done for a Tomb Raider game.

As a team we need to work very hard to shave every seconds we can and strive to make a breathtaking video so every one can see who we are.

So keep your original fraps files, and rape that lara that is our.

Keep the video comming until then!