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July 2008

21.07.2008 by Ewil

RadxxRyan runs everything...

Sorry for no updates. There wasn't much going on lately except that RadxxRyan started to run Legend non-glitched and jardart has progressed a bit with his Anniversary continuous run glitched.

This leads to one change in Anniversary timetable. From now on, runs will be separated to individual level and continuous sections since there are couple differencies that have a serious effect on time.

RadxxRyan's Legend run

Bolivia in  6:53  Part2

Peru in  13:38  Part2  Part3 - will not be on timetable

Japan in  7:21 - will not be on timetable

Ghana G in  3:17

Kazakhstan in  13:26  Part2  Part3

England in  12:08  Part2

And now jardart's Anniversary run

Lost Valley G in  1:04

Tomb of Qualopec G in  4:08  Part2

Peru and Japan runs won't be put onto timetable as they don't beat a current record in its category.

Once the RadxxRyan's Legend run is done, I'll update the timetable for downlodable videos including HQ.