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June 2008

26.06.2008 by rr_carroll

Area51 expansion.

- Corner Bug types and additional description added

- Longest Jump description expanded

15.06.2008 by Ewil

Tomb Runner 2.0 now online !

As you can see we have now a completely new design, which fixes many issues, adds new functions and it looks much better.

New functions:

- Archive section added

- Added "Back to top" button to several sections

- Added FAQ section as a replacement for Rules

- Added Links section

- Added Members section

- Added Recommended section

- Submit section remade - now you can upload your run right onto our ftp

- Added switch menu to each timetable for more than just one run

- Added Custom levels timetable

I hope the new site will serve its purpose much better than the predecessor. If you have any tips or questions about the new site, please send me a message.

I strongly advise to read new FAQ & Rules. EVERYONE

MMAN's Legend run up on Speed Demos Archive!

Download HERE.

RadxxRyan's Tomb Raider I - Glitched run has been done in astonishing 1:19:27 !

Sanctuary of the Scion in 9:26  Part2

Natla's Mines in 5:16

Atlantis in 9:21  Part2

The Great Pyramid in  5:36