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March 2008

21.03.2008 by rickybazire

Three new times from Ewil on Tomb Raider 4.

Trenches-2nd in 0:21

Citadel Gate in 2:35

Citadel in 9:40

Plus a new time from RadxxRyan as the beginning of his Tomb Raider I re-speedrun. Caves in 1:37! A whole minutes and 4 seconds shaven off the first level ever of Tomb Raider. Thanks to two amazing bugs.

12.03.2008 by rickybazire

4 new runs from Ewil and a new run from rickybazire:

From Ewil in Tomb Raider 4:

Trenches-1st in 41 seconds

Street Bazaar in 1 minute and 32 seconds

Trenches 2nd in 21 seconds

Citadel Gate in 2 minutes and 36 seconds

And from rickybazire in Tomb Raider 3:

Jungle in 47 seconds