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May 2008

24.05.2008 by rickybazire

RadxxRyan's runs in Tomb Raider I

Tomb of Tihocan in 7:55

City of Khamoon in 2:04

Obelisk of Khamoon in 5:27

rickybazire's runs in Tomb Raider I

Diving Area in 8:45

Barkhang Monastery in 15:02

05.05.2008 by rickybazire

First of all, the ending to Ewil's Tomb Raider IV run.

Sphinx Complex-2nd in 0:19

Mastabas in 5:46

The Great Pyramid in 1:10

Khufu's Queens Pyramids in 3:07

Inside The Great Pyramid in 2:07

Temple Of Horus-1st in 3:48

Temple Of Horus-2nd in 2:14

Now some updates on RadxxRyan's run of Tomb Raider I.

Colosseum in 5:11

Palace Midas in 6:49

The Cistern in 4:40