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November 2008

23.11.2008 by Ewil

Underworld is out

That's right. Another Tomb Raider has just been released and there already is a discussion ongoing about tricks and so. Check here for more info. We've opened a new Underworld section, which means we now accept every TRU run.


Parisian Back Streets 100% in 6:17

Aldwych Nightmare Remake in 0:54  Archive

Resident Evil - The Raccoon City (demo) in 3:07  Archive

Searching for the Iris in 0:36  Archive

Russia G in 3:10  Archive

Russia2 G in 1:04  Archive


Assault Course in 1:43:23  HQ

Quad Course in 0:05:70  HQ

Thames Wharf in 0:21  HQ

RadxxRyan's secrets glitched TR2 run

The Deck G in 7:31

Tibetan Foothills G in 9:01

Barkhang Monastery G in 15:27  Part2

Catacombs of the Talion G in 4:18

Ice Palace G in 5:33

rickybazire's G Himalayan Mysteries run

Tanhauser Gate G in 15:47

Frozen in Time-Settlement G in 24:25


St. Francis' Folly GG in 10:36  Part2  Part3  Part4

Midas's Palace GG in 0:12  HQ

The Coliseum GG in 1:34  Part2

Midas Palace GG in 0:47

xRikux89's secrets Chronicles run

The Base in 11:46  Part2