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October 2008

21.10.2008 by AjAX

A warm welcome to Soul, our new runner.

He who has carefully chosen his username because he came with the great spirit of crushing some precious seconds out of TRA - Lost Valley, heavily abused level, and end up with a final time of 0:09

He also provided 3 custom levels run listed below:

Glitched Dijon in 0:15

Glitched 'Meeting Speed Raiding' - Outside in 1:44

Glitched 'Meeting Speed Raiding' - Intside in 5:38


Custom Level Run

Level: Ghana 2.0 Individual and without glitches in 1:16


Tomb of Tihocan Individual and Glitched in 3:17

The Coliseum Individual and Glitched in 1:40

MMAN breaks the record again of one of the mostly runned level, Jungle, runned for the sixth time, he has achieved a time of 0:43.

On another note, RadxxRyan completed 3 other levels in is Glitched Secrets Run of Tomb Raider II.

40 Fathoms in 5 minutes flat.

Diving Area in 8:22

Wreck of the Maria Doria in 14:50  Part2

Rickybazire has on his side done a Custom level run, A very long one though.

A Continuous run of Tomb Raider Himalayan Mysteries, he did Denboche Monastery in 24:16

xRikux89 decided to take care of finding every secrets and write Chronicles some new entry with the Rome Episode completed.

Streets of Rome, Trajan's Markets and The Colosseum has been covered in 12:24  Part2, 10:18  Part2 and 8:37, respectively.

On my side, (yeah, I couldn't came back with empty hands) I started or restarted, my TR5 run and achieved Street of Rome in 6:57 and Trajan's Markets in 4:00 this time.

Some updates have been made in area 51 as well as in other sections, so you might want to check it out.

Last but not least, keep those videos commin'.

12.10.2008 by rr_carroll

More bug descriptions.

Area 51 updated. Added Trigger Bug, Compass Directions and the Corner Bug, Fence Bug, Block or Crack Bug and Dive Bug.