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September 2008

24.09.2008 by Ewil

RadxxRyan's TR II secrets glitched run

Opera House G in  7:57

Offshore Rig G in  10:55  Part2

Diving Area G in  8:40


The Bell G in  0:54  Archive

Arco Iris, The Manor and Tauromaquia G in  0:51

Arco Iris video will be uploaded when jarek finishes whole Neon God.


Fire - London City G in  3:50

Anniversary Manor G in  0:25

City of Vilcabamba GG in  1:41  Archive

Palace Midas GG in  0:21  Archive

Lost Valley using exit level glitch in  0:00  Archive - this run won't go on main timetable


The Great Wall G in  3:19  FTP

rickybazire's Himalayan Mysteries run

Crashed! G in  8:15

Icy Waters G in  10:53

Videos will be uploaded when ricky finishes whole Himalayan Mysteries.