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December 2009

08.12.2009 by Ewil

Another run on SDA

If you were following our forums, you might have noticed there was ongoing TRIII speedrun by MMAN, but no run was submitted till now. There are also 2 new complete speedruns of custom levelpacks by xRikux89, especially the journey of Amanda Lepore is worth checking.

MMAN's TRIII run finished in 2:04:10

Jungle in 1:06

Temple Ruins in 13:21  Part2

River Ganges in 2:25

Caves of Kaliya in 1:33

Nevada Desert in 5:58

High Security Compound in 10:59  Part2

Area 51 in 11:17  Part2

Thames Wharf in 0:24

Aldwych in 11:41  Part2

Lud's Gate in 10:04  Part2

City in 1:28

Coastal Village in 4:57

Crash Site in 5:19

Madubu Gorge in 7:22

Temple of Puna in 2:00

Antarctica in 7:25

RX-Tech Mines in 12:29  Part2

Lost City of Tinnos in 10:55  Part2

Meteorite Cavern in 3:18

Entire speedrun can be downloaded here

xRikux89's Jade Empire run finished in 1:49:41

Buddha Sanctuary II in 13:21  Part2

Temple of Dawn in 20:01  Part2

Entire speedrun can be downloaded here

xRikux89' The Journey through a Lightly World run finished in 20:21

Amanda Lepore in Austria in 8:15

Mushroom Hunting I in 1:08

Mushroom Hunting II in 2:47

Entire speedrun can be downloaded here

xXApelaumXx's IL

Jungle in 2:53  Archive

Trajan's Markets in 0:50  Archive

Caves of Kaliya in 1:23  Archive

Joaldinho2k7's Tomb Raider I Revised CG

Caves in 9:20

City of Vilcabamba in 7:18

Lost Valley in 5:18

Joaldinho2k7's IL

To Coastal City in 4:47  NQ

RadxxRyan's TRIII CG

RX-Tech Mines in 12:27  Part2

rickybazire's Quest of Gold C - Ricky decided to discontinue this run, so here's a video of the only level.

Canadian Forest

Storm's IL - Storm decided to cancel his AoD and Anniversary runs, so here are the videos. City of Vilcabamba stays as "C", because of the level transition difference between IL and C.

Parisian Ghetto

Parisian Back Streets

Derelict Apartment Block

Industrial Roof Tops

Mountain Caves

City of Vilcabamba