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February 2009

24.02.2009 by Ewil

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Storm's Custom Level

The Skribblerz Stonez 3 - Further over the Rainbow in 1:29  Archive

jardart's Anniversary continuous glitched

The Great Pyramid GG in 2:50  Part2  Part3  Part4

Mountain Caves GG in 2:56  Part2  Part3 - replacement for 3:12

City of Vilcabamba GG in 1:46 - replacement for 2:42

Lost Valley GG in 0:14 - replacement for 1:04

Complete run finished in 0:39:40. This run is going to be on SDA, so don't expect any videos till it's there.

jarekhanzelka's Legend continuous glitched

Bolivia GG in 4:32

Peru GG in 11:05  Part2

Japan GG in 4:47

Ghana GG in 2:05

Kazakhstan GG in 10:25  Part2

England GG in 6:58

Nepal GG in 3:38

Bolivia Redux in 1:48 - won't be on timetable as it doesn't beat MMAN's 1:02 record

Complete run finished in 0:45:18

jarekhanzelka's Underworld continuous glitched

Prologue in 1:09

The Unnamed Days in 2:00

Xibalba in 0:24

Midgard Serpent in 8:38

Land of the Dead in skipped

Gate of the Dead in 1:24

Valhalla in 1:38

Ritual's Old in 0:51

Helheim in 4:19

Yggdrasil in 1:05

Out of Time in 3:23

Complete run finished in 0:24:51. This run is going to be on SDA, so don't expect any videos till it's there.

rickybazire's Himalayan Mysteries continuous glitched

The Yavi’ny Starship - The Beginnings in 2:08

The Yavi’ny Starship - Engineering in 10:15

The Yavi’ny Starship - Hydroponics in 16:28

Complete run finished in 2:10:57. Unfortunately, some parts have a huge noise that I was unable to clear and Icy Waters has a big lag I couldn't fix either, because of crap wmv format that always caused delay, strange sound or other shit. I'm sorry.

rickybazire's The Quest For Gold continuous

Canadian Forest in 2:40

RadxxRyan's TR I IL

Caves in 1:35  NQ

Soul's Custom Level 100%

The Ring in 10:31  Part2  Archive