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January 2009

13.01.2009 by Ewil

Underworld is cracked

This should have been in previous update already, but it just isn't. TI2ophy from tombraiderforums found a massive shortcut, which skips HALF! of Underworld, therefore Storm restarted his run. Also, 2 eagerly awaited secrets runs have been completed due to Christmas break, so here's a late present for you.

Storm's Underworld continuous run from scratch

Prologue in 1:29

The Unnamed Days in 1:50

Xibalba in 7:26  Part2  Part3

The Midgard Serpent in 12:47  Part2

Land of the Dead in 3:41

Gate of the Dead in 4:23

Valhalla in 1:54

Ritual's Old in 1:05

Helheim 7:15

Yggdrasil in 1:09

Out of Time in 5:40

Complete run finished in 48:39

jardart's Anniversary continuous glitched

Temple of Khamoon GG in 1:07  Part2

Sanctuary of the Scion GG in 2:30  Part2

Natla's Mines GG in 5:08

jarekhanzelka's Neon God continuous glitched

The Rainbow Lounge in 6:49

Soul's Royal Bengal Tigers continuous glitched

Tanibo Punkt Ruinen in 4:33  NQ

Wildpfad in 2:13  NQ

xRikux89's Chronicles continuous secrets

Sinking Submarine in 9:17

Gallows Tree in 10:55  Part2

Labyrinth in 7:48

Old Mill in 14:47  Part2

The 13th Floor in 9:38

Escape with the Iris in 10:41  Part2

Red Alert in 12:34  Part2

Complete run finished in 2:13:19

RadxxRyan's TRII continuous glitched secrets

Floating Islands in 8:20

The Dragon's Lair in 2:20

Home Sweet Home in 2:58

Complete run finished in 2:17:47

I found out that Rad's any% glitched TR II run has a problem with continuity, because the time from stats doesn't match the time we counted manully using level times, so the entire run had to be timed manually to get 2:04:58