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July 2009

29.07.2009 by Ewil

Customs WANTED

MMAN's Custom IL

Beneath the Forbidden City in 10:07  Part2  Archive

Storm's Himalayan Mysteries IL

Crashed! in 7:25  Archive

Icy Waters in 7:37  Archive

apel's IL

Ice Palace in 3:26  Archive

Antarctica in 1:31  Archive

RadxxRyan's TRIII continuous glitched

Area 51 in 6:32

jarekhanzelka's Custom IL

Waterfall Valley - Part 1 in 2:12  Archive

21.07.2009 by Ewil

PHP finally

We are now PHP thanks to lkjkorn19 again, so change your bookmarks.

MMAN's Meeting Speed Raiding 2 continuous glitchless

MSR 2009 #1 in 05:39:40  Archive

MSR 2009 #2 in 01:33:46  Archive

apel's TRIII IL

Thames Wharf in 0:20  Archive

Coastal Village in 3:09  Archive

RadxxRyan's TRIII continuous glitched

High Security Compound in 9:36  Part2 - will not be added to timetable, because it doesn't beat previous record in the same category

Oh, and I fixed all the dead links in TR I.