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June 2009

29.06.2009 by Ewil

Eye of Horus is dead

That's right, no more Eye of Horus. Thanks to lkjkorn19, you don't have to post your run in Eye of Horus section anymore, you just use Submit form in Submit section. Thanks dude !

Many people have questions about timing or they time their runs wrong, so I added info about it in FAQ&Rules. Make sure you read it.

MMAN's TRLA continuous glitched

Shakespeare's Cliff in 2:57

Sleeping with the Fishes in 5:21

It's a Madhouse! in 1:04

Reunion in 1:12


Reunion in 1:28  Archive

RadxxRyan's TRIII continuous glitched

Nevada Desert in 4:25

Storm's Anniversary continuous glitchless

City of Vilcabamba in 3:02

Storm's TRU IL

Prologue in 0:51  Archive

20.06.2009 by Ewil

Underworld gets tablefilled

RadxxRyan's TRIII continuous glitched

The River Ganges in 2:18

Caves of Kaliya in 1:30

Soul's Chronicles IL

Gallows Tree in 0:32  HQ

jarekhanzelka's Underworld IL

The Path to Avalon in 2:32  NQ

Niflheim in 1:24  NQ

The Norse Connection in 3:59  NQ

God of Thunder in 1:10  NQ

Realm of the Dead in 1:04  NQ

Remnants in 2:37  NQ

Bhogavati in 0:48  NQ

The Ancient World in 1:22  NQ

Puppet No Longer in 0:55  NQ

Protected by the Dead in 5:07  NQ

Storm's Anniversary continuous glitchless

Mountain Caves in 3:27

apel's Lost Artifact IL

It's a Madhouse! in 2:46  Archive

xRikux89's TRIII IL

City in 0:47  Archive

08.06.2009 by Ewil

Lost Artifact on the way

RadxxRyan's TRIII continuous glitched - Ryan decided to restart this run due to timing issues, so here are the videos:

Jungle - Archive

Temple Ruins - Archive

River Ganges - Archive

Caves of Kaliya - Archive

Nevada Desert - Archive

High Security Compound - Archive

Area 51 - Archive

Here's his restarted run

Jungle in 0:42

Temple Ruins in 12:43  Part2

xRikux89's Jade Empire continuous glitchless

Star-Shine River 1 in 13:13  Part2

Moonlight Temple in 12:36  Part2

apel's IL runs

Caves of Kaliya in 1:25  Archive

Alexandria in 0:18  Archive

MMAN's TRLA continuous glitched

Highland Fling in 3:53

Willard's Lair in 2:00

Storm's AoD continuous glitchless

Parisian Back Streets in 2:28

Derelict Apartment Block in 0:59

Industrial Roof Tops in 3:12

Parisian Ghetto in 1:49

Storm's IL GG

City of Vilcabamba in 1:26  Archive

We have another new runner, serbserb27, who did a really nice run of Opera House in 2:52

Since Storm is working on a new AoD run, I've completely retimed mine, because it was done roughly via video player. Sorry for that.