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May 2009

22.05.2009 by Ewil

New category, new runner, new glitches

RadxxRyan's TRIII continuous glitched

Area 51 in 6:39

xRikux89's TRIII IL G N :)

Caves of Kaliya in 1:17  Archive

xRikux89's Jade Empire continuous glitchless

Sky-High in 9:04  Part2

Monkey's Paradise in 16:49  Part2

jardart's Anniversary and jarek's Underworld runs are up on SpeedDemosArchive !

Anniversary in 39:40

Underworld in 25:26

We have a new runner, apel, who made his first run recently, but unfortunately he deleted the source video, so I can't accept it. He promised he's gonna redo it, anyway.

There are 2 new glitches added to Area 51 section: Perpetual flare glitch and weapon combining bug.

For the last, we have a new category. It's called New Game+, which stands for completing a game and then starting a new game, which gives you all weapons. Shortcut for this is N and I hope there will be no more categories, because it's getting pretty messy.

06.05.2009 by Ewil

Nothing going on, nothing going on, I've got a whole lot of nothing, nothing going on...

RadxxRyan's TRIII continuous glitched

Jungle in 0:42

Temple Ruins in 12:46  Part2

River Ganges in 2:22

Caves of Kaliya in 1:32

Nevada Desert in 4:31

High Security Compound in 9:34  Part2