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November 2009

18.11.2009 by Ewil


We've got ourselves another speedrunner. He calls himself yeppyy and he so far managed to beat Coastal Village IL by half a minute ! We wish you pleasant stay.

yeppyy's TR III IL

Coastal Village in 1:55  Archive

RadxxRyan's TRIII CG

Aldwych in 4:30

Lud's Gate in 4:02

City in 0:52

Antarctica in 2:08

apel's IL

Croft Manor Tutorial Level in 1:53  Archive

Trajan's Markets in 0:59  Archive

Gallows Tree in 0:08  Archive

Joaldinho2k7's IL

Assault in 0:40  Archive

14.11.2009 by rr_carroll

Added Shelf Corner Bug to Area 51.