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October 2009

20.10.2009 by Ewil

17 247

What this number means ? That's how many attempts jarekhanzelka have made when speedrunning Bolivia Redux. That's the highest number I've ever heard of and he surely deserves an appreciation...and a paid holiday.

jarekhanzelka's TR Legend continuous GG

Bolivia Redux in 0:59

Videos will be available once the run is verified and uploaded by SDA.

RadxxRyan's TRIII CG

Madubu Gorge in 5:09

Temple of Puna in 2:00

ciasteczkahehe2's TRIII IL

Temple Ruins NG+ in 12:39  Part2  Archive

Coastal Village in 2:25  Archive

Temple of Puna in 1:55  Archive

apel's IL

Assault Course in 1:03:03  Archive

Nevada Desert in 5:25  Part2  Archive

Markus Mansion in 2:08  Archive

Der Garten in 0:22  Archive

apel's Vikings CG

Loki's Demigods in 3:58

Freyja in 1:05