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August 2009

15.09.2009 by Ewil

xRikux89's Jade Empire C

Star-Shine River II in 5:36

Emperor's House III in 3:22

Buddha Sanctuary I in 15:19  Part2

apel's TRIII IL

Lud's Gate in 3:46  Archive

ciasteczkahehe2's TRIII IL

Lud's Gate in 3:37  Archive

jarekhanzelka's TR Legend continuous GG

England in 3:16

Nepal in 2:47

apel's Vikings CG

Prologue in 0:35

08.09.2009 by Ewil

My feelings have been hurt Neptune

We start with an unfortunate event. Neptune has decided that everything on Tombrunner, that is not according to his taste, is bad, therefore he left and cancelled his run. I don't understand why he cancelled his run though, but it's his decision. His records will remain in case he wants to get back (I doubt it).

One of the reasons was ciasteczkahehe2's Crash Site 1:20 run that was apparently done after Neptune's 1:07 run, yet it was still put on timetable. Poll decided he was right, thus this run is removed.

On to a new runs:

RadxxRyan's TRIII CG

Crash Site in 1:25

ciasteczkahehe2's TRIII IL

Antarctica in 1:29  Archive

City secrets in 2:00  Archive

Lud's Gate in 4:51  Archive

Lud's Gate in 5:22  Archive

Temple of Puna in 1:58  Archive

apel's TRIII IL

Aldwych in 4:18  Archive

jarekhanzelka's TR Legend continuous GG

Peru in 10:20  Part2

Japan in 4:31

Ghana in 1:42

Kazakhstan in 9:29

England in 6:35

xRikux89's Custom C

Amanda Lepore - The Remake in 8:11