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April 2010

28.04.2010 by rr_carroll

Quick Crawlspace, Fast Turn and Roll-Flip Moves

Added descriptions of Quick Crawlspace, Fast Turn and Roll-Flip Moves to Advanced Techniques of the Area 51 page. From MMAN, xRikux89 and apel.

22.04.2010 by Ewil

First Deathruns

Visst's TRIV glitchless secrets

Alexandria in 1:10

Tartan's Deathruns

Caves in 00:05:77

Lara's Home in 00:20:35

apel's TRII CG

Bartoli's Hideout in 2:46

Ancient Artifact CG by various people - MMAN redid The Beyond

The Beyond in 4:24  Archive

21.04.2010 by Ewil

Visst's TRIV glitchless secrets

Guardian of Semerkhet in 8:41

Desert Railroad in 4:00

apel's TRII IL

Venice in 3:12  Archive

Deszka's Neon God IL

Arco Iris, The Manor in 0:47  Archive

19.04.2010 by Ewil


Yes, we now accept Deathruns, although the rules are not that simple to prevent boring or uninteresting runs. Check FAQ & Rules to see for yourself.

Visst's TRIV glitchless secrets

Tomb of Semerkhet in 15:16  Part2

manarch2's IL

Home Sweet Home in 2:35  Archive

Cold Chamber in 0:19  Archive

The Hoff's TRIII CG

River Ganges in 1:38

Tartan's TRI CG secrets

Natla's Mines in 9:15

Soul's IL

Speed Raiding X in 02:59:20  Archive

The Cold War in 4:05  Part2  Archive

xRikux89's TRII CG secrets

Wreck of the Maria Doria in 14:31  Part2

apel's TRIII IS

Jungle in 4:45  Archive

apel's TRII CG

The Great Wall in 3:16

Venice in 3:21

noocurrname's Underworld PS2 IL

Yggdrasil in 2:50  Archive

Protected by the Dead in 7:15  Archive

Ancient Artifact CG by various people

The Beyond by MMAN in 4:45

Entire speedrun done in 23:45.

MMAN's TRIII Lost Artifact has been accepted on SDA, so check out this page for better quality videos and comments.

06.04.2010 by Ewil

Visst is on a strike

manarch2 is our newest member with the improvement of "The Wall". He also made improved "Home Sweet Home", but unfortunately didn't upload a video yet, so it's not up. Anyway, welcome !

Visst's TRIV secrets glitchless

Angkor Wat in 7:45

Race for the Iris in 4:41

Tomb of Seth in 8:02

Burial Chambers in 6:56

Valley of the Kings in 2:47

KV5 in 4:24

Temple of Karnak I in 6:04

The Great Hypostyle Hall I in 1:00

Sacred Lake I in 4:03

Temple of Karnak II in 3:10

The Great Hypostyle Hall II in 4:17

Sacred Lake II in 2:56

Visst's Chronicles IL

The Base in 6:49  Archive

The Colosseum in 6:46  Archive

Trajan's Markets in 0:48  Archive

The Hoff's TRIII glitched continuous

Temple Ruins in 6:53

manarch2's custom IL

The Wall in 0:34  Archive

Deszka's Jade Empire IL

Sky-High in 8:42  Archive

Temple of Dawn in 10:46  Part2  Archive

Tartan's TRI CG secrets

Sanctuary of the Scion in 9:16

xRikux89's TRII C secrets

40 Fathoms in 5:22

apel's TRIII IL

Crash Site in 1:02  Archive

apel's Flashback

Genesis in 14:22  Part2  Part3

Marooned II in 0:30

The Lake of Fire in 0:12

Entire speedrun done in 22:55.