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August 2010

23.08.2010 by Ewil

apel's TRA IL

Croft Manor in 0:15  Archive

Visst's TRV CG

Labyrinth in 3:34

Old Mill in 6:37

ciasteckahehe2's TRIII CG secrets

River Ganges in 6:48

Caves of Kaliya in 1:33

Nevada Desert in 6:10

High Security Compound in 12:03


Angkor Wat in 5:44

Race for the Iris in 4:11

08.08.2010 by rr_carroll

Wall-Catch Bug, Roll-Teleport Bug, Fall-Forward Bug and Laser Sight Bug.

Updates to Area 51: Wall-Catch Bug, Roll-Teleport Bug and Fall-Forward Bug added; update to Laser Sight Bug (Stella's instructions for PS and Dreamcast).

04.08.2010 by Ewil

Visst's TRV CG

Trajan's Markets in 0:55

The Colosseum in 7:11

The Base in 6:31

The Submarine in 9:17

Deepsea Dive in 4:06

Sinking Submarine in 8:03

Gallows Tree in 0:08

ciasteckahehe2's TRIII CG secrets

Temple Ruins in 15:46  Part2

Minor redid his last 2 runs of Himalayan Mysteries. Links are in previous update.