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November 2010

31.12.2010 by Ewil

Xmas 2k10 competition

apel had an idea about Xmas competition, though a bit late, but Xmas levels are being released throughout entire December anyway, so it's logical to start the competition on 1st January.

OK, what it's about ? It's about running Kya's A Little Gift level using these rules:

- No cheats or 3rd party programs

- Glitches are allowed, Glitches Glitches are not (no ALT)

- Single-segment only

- Anyone can participate except me

- Timing will be done manually, but standard TR4 rules apply

- Submissions must be sent via Submit section till 31st January 23:59 CET. Videos can be provided later as long as I receive the form on time

What's the prize ? The prize is special "Xmas 2k10 competition winner" rank on Forums and $30 (Paypal/Alertpay only).

We also got a newcomer on this very last day of 2010. His name is LarasLawyer and he just showed us how to get TRII Assault Course done under one minute ! Well done.

RogerL's TRU IL

Helheim in 3:22  Archive


Assault Course in 0:55:50  Archive

Michi's TRII IG

Venice in 2:59  Archive


Hall of Demetrius in 0:25

Coastal Ruins - Pharos, Temple of Isis in 2:09

Cleopatra's Palaces in 0:39

City of the Dead in 1:06

Chambers of Tulun in 0:14

Trenches in 0:42

Citadel Gate in 2:34

24.12.2010 by rr_carroll

Diving Off The Ceiling, Perpetual Flare Cancel Glitch, Pedestal Bug and Movable Objects Glitch.

Updates to Area 51: Diving Off The Ceiling added to Advanced Techniques, Perpetual Flare Cancel Glitch updated, Pedestal Bug and Movable Objects Glitch added at the end of Other Bugs.

24.12.2010 by Ewil

Merry Xmas 2k10

apel's TRII CG

The Great Wall in 3:14

Venice in 3:12

apel's Custom IG

Tomb of Qualopec in 1:44

noocurrname's TRU C PS2

The Unnamed Days in 6:42

Xibalba in 1:45

The Midgard Serpent in 1:17

Land of the Dead in 15:18  Part2

Michi's TRII C

Barkhang Monastery in 18:25  Part2

Catacombs of the Talion in 6:29

Ice Palace in 5:53

Temple of Xian in 5:08

Floating Islands in 7:36

Dragon's Lair in 1:59

Home Sweet Home in 2:44

Videos will be available once the run is verified on SDA.


Sacred Lake I in 3:34

Temple of Karnak II in 3:13

The Great Hypostyle Hall II in 2:31

Sacred Lake II in 1:39

Tomb of Semerkhet in 1:58

Guardian of Semerkhet in 3:54

Desert Railroad in 2:44

Alexandria in 0:30

Coastal Ruins in 1:15

Temple of Poseidon in 0:09

Lost Library in 0:47

RadxxRyan's TRIII CG run has been finally put on SDA, so go grab it here.

Unfortunately, jarekhanzelka's YouTube account has been suspended, so all the links were removed and we lost one run completely.