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February 2010

10.02.2010 by Ewil


We have yet another member. This time it's Tartan, who is already working on TRI secrets speedrun, but unfortunately half of his records cannot be submitted, because they do not beat the previous records set by Neptune.

Tartan's TRI CG secrets

City of Vilcabamba in 5:36

Lost Valley in 6:43

Palace Midas in 9:20

noocurrname's Underworld PS2 IL

No Illusions in 1:05  Archive

Rituals Old in 0:29  Archive

Random's TRI IL

Obelisk of Khamoon in 5:26  Archive

apel's IL

Tomb of Qualopec in 5:56  Archive

Floating Islands in 4:11  Archive

xRikux89's TRII C secrets

Opera House in 7:52

RadxxRyan's TRIII CG

Meteorite Cavern in 3:11