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January 2010

22.01.2010 by Ewil

Any jungling in guy ?

The Hoff's TRIII CG

Jungle in 0:38

The Hoff's TRIII IL

Jungle in 0:41  Archive

RadxxRyan's TRIII CG

Lost City of Tinnos in 10:44  Part2

Storm's TRII IL

Catacombs of the Talion 1:50

apel's IL

The Search in 2:26  Archive

Living Quarters in 3:05  Archive

noocurrname's Underworld PS2 IL

No Illusions in 1:15

xRikux89's TRII C secrets

Venice in 5:23

Bartoli's Hideout in 6:05

12.01.2010 by Ewil


noocurrname's TRA IL

Croft Manor in 0:16  Archive

apel's IL

Croft Manor Tutorial Level in 0:27  Archive

Bartoli's Hideout in 2:52  Archive

The Zodiac Ritual in 2:25  Archive

apel's Vikings CG

The Red Tent-Midgadsormr in 18:34  Part2  Part3

Helheimr in 3:42

Heroes in 3:24

Skidbladnir-Epilogue in 1:47

Entire run is downloadable from here

xRikux89's TRII C secrets

The Great Wall in 5:23

01.01.2010 by Ewil

Happy new year 2010 !

I wish you good luck and have fun during speedrunning Tomb Raider games and in personal life. With new year comes a new member of our community - noocurrname. Enjoy your beeing here.

noocurrname's TRA IL

Croft Manor in 0:18

Obelisk of Khamoon in 0:25  Archive

apel's TRIII IL

Coastal Village in 1:43  Archive

RadxxRyan's TRIII CG - this one was forgotten

Thames Wharf in 0:21

xRikux89's TRII IL

Ice Palace in 2:53  Archive

Joaldinho2k7's Tomb Raider I Revised CG

Tomb of Qualopec in 9:50  Part2

St. Francis' Folly in 7:36