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June 2010

29.06.2010 by Ewil

RogerL's Deathruns

Croft Manor in 00:14:45

Croft Manor in 00:12:98

RogerL's TRA IL secrets

Mountain Caves in 5:13

Random's TRI IL

Tomb of Tihocan in 7:23  Archive

The Cistern in 6:58  Archive

Minor's Himalayan Mysteries CG

Crashed in 6:48

12.06.2010 by rr_carroll

Extended Sprint, Item-Wall Bug and Crawlspace Roll Bug.

Area 51 updated. Added Extended Sprint to Sprinting, added the Item-Wall Bug to the Flare-Wall Bug description and added the Crawlspace Roll Bug (after Advanced Look Triggering).

05.06.2010 by rr_carroll

Object Bug, Slab Bug, Action Cancel, Swing Cancel, Swim Corner Bug and Trigger bug.

Updates to Area 51: Object Bug (soft collision bug) and Slab Bug added; updates to Action Cancel, Swing Cancel, Swim Corner Bug and Trigger bug.

01.06.2010 by Ewil

Legen...dary run of Legend

manarch2's Deathruns

Catacombs of the Talion in 00:02:83

Diving Area in 00:04:20

RogerL's Deathruns

St.Francis' Folly in 00:12:55

Temple of Khamoon in 00:06:48

imFatSmilEy's Deathruns

Chambers of Tulun in 00:14:83

Citadel Gate in 02:23:73

Street Bazaar in 01:38:53

Tartan's TRI CG secrets

The Great Pyramid in 6:03

Entire run in 1:39:35

jarekhanzelka's Legend run is up on SDA. Get it here.