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March 2010

10.03.2010 by rr_carroll

Flare-Wall Bug & ALT

Added descriptions of the Flare-Wall Bug and Advanced Look Triggering to the Area 51 page. Both from apel.

09.03.2010 by Ewil

Are we getting bigger or what ?

Yes, another new member, but actually we have two :) Deszka has decided to improve two Underworld runs while Visst improved Streets of Rome using recently found tricks. I hope they'll continue in this pace. On the other hand, I had to completely retime jarekhanzelka's Underworld run, because he actually forgot to include cutscenes in his timing, so the final time is 25:24.

Deszka's Underworld IL

Valhalla in 1:15  Archive

The Unnamed Days in 1:02  Archive

xRikux89's TRII C secrets

Offshore Rig in 10:05

Diving Area in 8:04

apel's Custom IL & Flashback

The Wall in 0:53  Archive

Marooned I in 7:51

Visst's Chronicles IL

Streets of Rome in 6:17  Archive

Storm's AOD IL

The Sanitarium in 2:18  Archive

Tartan's TRI CG secrets

Tomb of Tihocan in 9:21

City of Khamoon in 3:12

Obelisk of Khamoon in 4:59

Ancient Artifact by various people - this level was done by MMAN & xXApelamXx, which makes it our very first coop run !

Temple of Osiris in 6:10