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May 2010

18.05.2010 by Ewil

Deszka's Deathruns

Streets of Rome in 00:24:93

Trajan's Markets in 00:17:77

The Colosseum in 00:21:00

The Base in 00:52:23

The Submarine in 00:40:43

Deepsea Dive in 00:29:93

Sinking Submarine in 00:24:70

Gallows Tree in 00:06:10

The Labyrinth in 00:42:53

Old Mill in 00:19:57

The 13th Floor in 01:42:37

Escape with the Iris in 00:10:60

Red Alert! in 00:04:03

imFatSmilEy's Deathruns

Temple of Poseidon in 00:10:70

Lost Library in 00:32:33

Hall of Demetrius in 02:02:13

Pharos, Temple of Isis in 00:27:43

Cleopatra's Palaces in 00:27:13

City of the Dead in 00:25:53

Trenches in 00:18:17

15.05.2010 by rr_carroll

Crawl Drop, Steep Slope, Airwalk and Flare-Wall Bugs; Walk-Run Jump

Added descriptions of Crawl Drop Bug and Steep Slope Bugs. Modified descriptions of Airwalk Bug, Flare-Wall Bug and Walk-run jump; in the Area 51 page. From apel, chreden, xRikux89, apel and rr_carroll, respectively.

14.05.2010 by Ewil

imFatSmilEy's Deathruns

Desert Railroad in 00:36:97

Alexandria in 00:52:57

Coastal Ruins in 00:26:37

RogerL's Deathruns

St.Francis' Folly in 00:26:43

Midas Palace in 00:10:84 - replaces the old run that doesn't fit in any category

Temple of Khamoon in 00:09:91

The Great Pyramid in 00:38:84

xRikux89's TRII C secrets

Living Quarters in 5:49

I've completely retimed jardart's Anniversary CGG run, because there were many discrepancies. Hopefully it's now correct.

10.05.2010 by Ewil

New deathrun category and updated rules

I've decided to add non-restricted category for deathruns, change couple things and make the rules more simple and better understandable. I hope you like it. Runs below follow the old rules.

imFatSmilEy's Deathruns

Sacred Lake I in 00:28:00

Tomb of Semerkhet in 00:34:57

Guardian of Semerkhet in 00:06:83

manarch2's Deathruns

High Security Compound in 00:15:00

Thames Wharf in 00:02:87

apel's Deathruns

The River Ganges in 00:06:43

Opera House in 00:05:37

apel's TRII IL

Opera House in 2:43  Archive

Tartan's Deathrun

All Hallows in 00:16:87

07.05.2010 by Ewil

Keep'em coming !

imFatSmilEy's Deathruns

Temple of Karnak in 00:37:77

The Great Hypostyle Hall I in 00:19:87

manarch2's Deathrun

Temple Ruins in 00:10:80

Ewil's Deathrun

KV5 in 00:18:17

06.05.2010 by Ewil


I know I'm gonna be repeating myself again, but we have a new member :) It's RogerL, who decided to start off with a deathrun of Palace Midas.

imFatSmilEy's Deathruns

Angkor Wat in 00:27:57

Tomb of Seth in 00:37:47

Burial Chambers in 00:28:23

Valley of the Kings in 00:28:93

apel's Deathruns

Jungle in 00:05:23

Caves of Kaliya in 00:16:23

RogerL's Deathrun

Midas Palace in 00:19:13

apel's TRII CG

Opera House in 2:54

Ewil's Deahtrun

Race for the Iris in 00:40:27

04.05.2010 by Ewil

imFatSmilEy & Z3ir3m

Another addition to our quickly expanding membership of Tomb Raider speedrunners is imFatSmilEy and Z3ir3m. imFatSmilEy actually did quite some speedruns, but never submitted them here till now. Let's hope he continues. Z3ir3m managed to improve Tomb of Qualopec record by 2 seconds. I wonder why it never occured to anyone to use a shotgun to kill Larson :)

imFatSmilEy's TRIV IL

The Great Hypostyle Hall I in 0:38  Archive

Tartan's Deathruns

St.Francis' Folly in 00:10:81

City of Khamoon in 00:06:24

Obelisk of Khamoon in 00:21:79

Tartan's TRI CG secrets

Atlantis in 9:42

Z3ir3m's TRI IL

Tomb of Qualopec in 0:56  Archive

manarch2's Deahtruns

Jungle in 00:07:34