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November 2010

25.11.2010 by Ewil

Forums update

Our forum got updated to latest version, so please change your bookmark to this. It seems like you can't login yet. I'll post an update when it's fixed.

noocurrname's IL

The Coliseum in 1:56  Archive

noocurrname's TRU C PS2

Prologue: No Illusions in 0:58

The Path to Avalon in 4:35

Niflheim in 5:41

The Norse Connection in 1:47

God of Thunder in 1:45

Remnants in 3:05

Bhogavati in 4:54

Puppet No Longer in 2:08

Protected by the Dead in 5:24

Michi's TRII C

40 Fathoms in 4:45

Wreck of the Maria Doria in 6:12

Living Quarters in 5:15

The Deck in 6:07

Tibetan Foothills in 7:08

Michi's TRII IL

40 Fathoms in 3:43  Archive


Tomb of Seth in 6:04

Burial Chambers in 2:31

Valley of the Kings in 1:41

KV5 in 1:35

Temple of Karnak I in 1:14

The Great Hypostyle Hall I in 0:22

03.11.2010 by Ewil

noocurrname's IL

Midas Palace secrets in 5:09  Archive

xRikux89's IL

Mountain Caves secrets in 3:29

manarch2's The Croft Curse CG

The Poolhouse and Greenhouse in 0:16

The Croft Estate in 0:24

Michi's TRII C

Offshore Rig in 8:13

Diving Area in 8:15

40 Fathoms in 4:45

02.11.2010 by Ewil


It's been a long time since we had a new member and this time it's a guy, who calls himself exactly same as the game he speedruns :) Well, with use of cybernetic language. Michi just started to run TRII without glitches, which we could have seen like 5 years ago, so the runs looks totally new. Hope he continues to provide us with original runs as long as possible.

noocurrname's Deathruns

No Illusions in 00:07:88

Sanctuary of the Scion in 00:10:12

Tomb of Tihocan in 00:26:90

Protected by the Dead in 00:07:13

Lost Valley in 00:14:08

Remnants in 00:27:64

Gate of the Dead in 00:10:24

noocurrname's IL

Protected by the Dead in 6:32

Temple of Khamoon secrets in 6:38

Coliseum secrets in 2:09  Archive

apel's IL

Mountain Caves in 3:23  Archive

manarch2's The Croft Curse CG

Aegean Sea, 1994 in 5:53

Michi's TRII C

The Great Wall in 3:36

Venice in 3:31

Bartoli's Hideout in 5:32