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September 2010

30.09.2010 by Ewil

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

As title says, the awaited Tomb Raider spin-off has finally arrived on our monitors and TVs, thus we accept single-player and coop runs from now on.

Minor's Himalayan Mysteries CG

The Ya'viny Starship: Engineering in 8:14

The Ya'viny Starship: Hydroponics in 9:09

Entire levelpack finished in 1:03:16

Minor's The Quest of Gold CGG

Canadian Forest in 0:47

05.09.2010 by Ewil

RogerL's TRA Deathruns

Lost Valley in 00:16:88

City of Vilcabamba in 00:16:28

The Great Pyramid in 00:28:13

Tomb of Qualopec in 00:22:39

Visst's TRV CG

The 13th Floor in 7:29

Deszka's TR Custom IL

Mirror's Edge in 5:59  Archive

ciasteckahehe2's TRIII IG

Area 51 in 6:20  Archive

ciasteckahehe2's TRIII CG secrets

Area 51 in 7:47

Unfortunately ciasteczkahehe2 broke some YouTube rules thus his account got blocked, so I apologize for any missing YouTube links from him.