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August 2011

18.08.2011 by Ewil

IRC channel

Yes, we have our own IRC channel. Where can you find us ? Join #tombrunner on Quakenet. You can either use your browser and connect via Webchat or you can download an IRC client such as mIRC

for more settings etc.

apel's Custom IL

Ireland in 1:25  Archive

City of Dahaffy in 1:33  Archive

xRikux89's IL

Teahouse in 1:07  Archive

RadxxRyan's TRI secrets

Colosseum in 5:56

RogerL's TRA IL

Tomb of Qualopec in 1:16  Archive

03.08.2011 by rr_carroll

Crawlspace Bug and Quicksand Bug.

Update to Area 51: Added the Crawlspace and Quicksand Bugs to Other Bugs.