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January 2011

24.01.2011 by rr_carroll

Ladder-Wall Bug, Springboard-Wall Bug and TR1 Updates.

Updates to Area 51: In Other Bugs, the Ladder-Wall Bug and Springboard-Wall Bug have been added after the Flare-Wall Bug. The following were updated to state that they work in TR1: the Shelf Corner, Ledge, Item-Wall and Bridge Bugs.

22.01.2011 by rr_carroll

Expanded Jump, Rope Embed Bug and Quick Turn Bug.

Updates to Area 51: In Advanced Moves, Expanded Jump has been added. At the end of Other Bugs, added the Rope Embed Bug and the Quick Turn Bug.

22.01.2011 by Ewil


It looks like we steadily grow one new member per month...which is nice :) ShigK used some new, pretty shortcuts in The Deck, improving it by almost 4 minutes ! Welcome to TombRunners.

LarasLawyer's TRI Revised CG

Caves in 7:51

City of Vilcabamba in 3:27

Lost Valley in 4:35

Tomb of Qualopec in 6:20

St.Francis' Folly in 6:22

Colosseum in 5:35

Palace Midas in 1:10

Cistern in 5:46

Tomb of Tihocan in 9:15

City of Khamoon in 1:40

Obelisk of Khamoon in 4:51

Sanctuary of the Scion in 7:25

FMV~Cut - non TREP in 0:21

Natla's Mines - non TREP in 5:20

Atlantis in 10:57  Part 2

TombRaiderSpeedrun's TRII IG

Opera House in 2:30


The Deck in 2:22  Archive

LarasLawyer's TRII IL

Assault Course in 00:50:40  Archive


Menkaure's Pyramid in 1:52

12.01.2011 by Ewil


If you're wondering about the title, here's the solution: It's our newest member TombRaiderSpeedrun. He was struggling a bit in the beginning, but then he manned up and showed us some skills in Wreck of the Maria Doria. Well done.

LarasLawyer's IL

Furnace of the Gods in 5:39  Archive

Assault Course in 00:51:20  Archive

Ice Palace in 2:52  Archive

Tomb of Qualopec in 0:53  Archive

Lara and the Grinch in 3:21  Archive

TombRaiderSpeedrun's TRII IG

Wreck of the Maria Doria in 4:57  Archive

Visst's TRV CG

Red Alert in 10:52

Entire speedrun done in 1:19:43.

Neptune's TRI CG

Caves in 1:34

RadxxRyan's TRI secrets C

Caves in 3:20


Citadel in 9:07

The Sphinx Complex I in 1:56

Underneath the Sphinx in 8:29

08.01.2011 by rr_carroll

Steep Slope Bug,, Bridge Bug and Tightrope Bug.

Updates to Area 51: At the end of Other Bugs, updated the Steep Slope Bug, added the Bridge Bug and the Tightrope Bug.