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July 2011

22.07.2011 by rr_carroll

Trapdoor Bug and Airwalk.

Updates to Area 51: In Other Bugs, the Trapdoor Bug has been updated; in Legend and Anniversary, Airwalk has been updated.

13.07.2011 by rr_carroll

Weapon combining Bug, Edge Bug and Teleport Bug.

Updates to Area 51: In Other Bugs, the Weapon combining Bug has been updated, and the Edge Bug and Teleport Bug have been added at the end of the section.

13.07.2011 by Ewil

New forum

Good news everyone, we have installed a new forum to get rid of all the problems of the old Forum. Just follow the link on sidebar and you'll get there. Unfortunately I can't transfer all the data from older Forum, so you have to seek old info there. It will be in Links.

apel's TRIII IL

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St. Francis' Folly in 9:07