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June 2011

16.06.2011 by Ewil

TheHoff's TRIII runs

I have some bad news. Maybe you remember TheHoff's incredible TRIII speedruns. Well, guess what. Nobody was able to reproduce these weird glitches, thus apel had decided to do some investigations and found several discrepancies among segments. Despite being active on his YouTube channel and receiving couple PMs, he did not reply, therefore all of his runs are removed till proven right except for 0:41 Jungle, which has been duplicated.

bahamete's TRIII TAS

Nevada Desert in 3:20  Archive

Spearmint's Custom IL

One Room Challenge - Return to Maria Doria in 0:11  Archive

Michi's TRIII IL

Jungle in 0:39  Archive

Z3ir3m's TRIII C 100%

Jungle in 14:56  Part2

xRikux89's TRII Deathrun

Lara's Home in 00:04:58