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March 2011

09.03.2011 by Ewil

IL runs only

apel's TRA IL

Midas Palace in 6:55  Archive


Offshore Rig in 5:21  Archive

The Deck in 2:07  Archive

LarasLawyer's IL

The Wall in 0:31  Archive

Opera House in 2:28  Archive

A Time To Be Born in 4:53  Archive

Tibetan Winter in 11:38  Archive

Canadian Forest in 0:24  Archive

Atlantean Stronghold in 1:26  Archive

07.03.2011 by rr_carroll

Flame-save Trick, Offset Jump, Stairs Embed Bug and Trapdoor Bug.

Updates to Area 51: In Advanced Techniques, the Flame-save Trick and the Offset Jump have been added. In Other Bugs, the Stairs Embed Bug and Trapdoor Bug have been added near the end of the section.