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May 2011

18.05.2011 by Ewil

chreden's TRIII C

Jungle in 1:05

ExCloud1234's TRA IL secrets

City of Vilcabamba in 1:34  Archive

MMAN's Custom IL

One Room Challenge - Folly of the Watchers in 1:19  Archive

11.05.2011 by Ewil

Tool-assisted speedruns

That's right, we now officially accept Tool-assisted speedruns (TAS). Since the point of TAS is to achieve the best time possible a human could not be able to pull off, there is no reason of having glitchless/glitched categories. We also have yet another new members, which I'll stop introducing, because it's pointless :)

Spearmint's Custom IL

Lara used all the Shafts in 0:41  Archive

ExCloud1234's TRA IL secrets

City of Vilcabamba in 1:49  Archive

MrJavi94's Custom IL

Nerkopolis in 1:30  Archive

apel's TRII CG

Wreck of the Maria Doria in 4:55

Living Quarters in 3:04

The Deck in 2:01

05.05.2011 by Ewil

Two new runners

Yes not just one, but TWO new runners this time. ExCloud1234 has been trying to get a run up here for quite a while (Rules are rules) and he finally made it with a nice secrets run of City of Vilcabamba in Anniversary. cocotechno41 on the other hand managed to rape entire levelpack as his first run ! Well done.

Michi's TRII CG secrets

Temple of Xian in 8:49

Floating Islands in 5:10

The Dragon's Lair in 1:43

Home Sweet Home in 2:27

Entire run done in 1:44:38. It will be submitted to SDA, so no archive videos are available.

LarasLawyer's TRII Gold CG

The Cold War in 4:00

Storm's Custom IL

Cape Fear in 2:01  Archive

RadxxRyan's TRI C secrets

Tomb of Qualopec in 4:55

ExCloud1234's TRA IL secrets

City of Vilcabamba in 1:57  Archive

cocotechno41's Custom CG

Prologue: The Plain of Jars in 2:58

Interlude 1: The Plain of Jars in 3:30

Epilogue: The Plain of Jars in 1:01

Entire run is done in 7:29

apel's IL

It's a Madhouse! in 0:56  Archive

Bedazzled in 8:28

The Castle in 2:13  Archive

apel's TRII CG

Offshore Rig in 5:40

Diving Area in 6:27

40 Fathoms in 3:37