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November 2011

22.11.2011 by Ewil

noocurrname's TRA Deathrun

Style Units in 00:44:44

noocurrname's TRA IL

City of Vilcabamba in 1:15  Archive

RadxxRyan's TRI C secrets

Palace Midas in 10:04

Spearmint's TRII Deathrun

Bartoli's Hideout in 00:27:19

Spearmint's TRL C secrets

Bolivia in 11:05

Peru in 17:28

Japan in 10:04

Ghana in 15:10

Kazakhstan in 21:07

England in 19:03

Nepal in 10:40

Bolivia Redux in 2:16

Entire speedrun done in 1:46:53.

apel's TRII IL

The Great Wall in 3:24  Archive

My TRIV speedrun has been accepted on SDA. Go check the comments and high quality videos !

19.11.2011 by rr_carroll

Flare Aircreep & Slope Creep Bugs and Superswing Bug.

Update to Area 51: Added the Flare Aircreep & Slope Creep Bugs (last) and Superswing Bug (5 before last) to Other Bugs.