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August 2012

27.08.2012 by Ewil

The competition is still ongoing, thus we have a lot of new runs in a very short time and also a new member of our "strange" hobby, AtlasRaider.

IL runs

Venice in 3:23  Archive by TimmyAkmed

Bartoli's Hideout in 4:21  Archive by TimmyAkmed

Opera House in 2:38  Archive by TimmyAkmed

Wreck of the Maria Doria in 4:30  Archive by TimmyAkmed

All Hallows in 2:54  Archive by MMAN

Floating Islands in 3:04  Archive by Soul

Coastal Village in 1:41  Archive by Deszka

Caves of Kaliya in 1:22  Archive by AtlasRaider

TRIII TAS by bahamete

Jungle TAS in 0:36

14.08.2012 by Ewil

In case you don't know, there is ongoing speedrun competition held by Defiant Lemon here. There will be another one for TRIII and TRIV, so make sure you follow Here are some of the runs:

IL runs

Bartoli's Hideout in 2:41  Archive by TimmyAkmed

40 Fathoms in 3:23  Archive by MMAN

The Deck in 1:45  Archive by apel

Opera House in 1:27  Archive by TimmyAkmed

TRII glitchless by chreden

Temple of Xian in 5:05  Archive

TRIII glitchless by chreden

The River Ganges in 2:16

Caves of Kaliya in 1:27

Nevada Desert in 5:23

TRI glitched secrets by Tartan

Return to Egypt in 4:24