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February 2012

28.02.2012 by Ewil

Furnace of the Gods CG in 5:30 by LarasLawyer

Fool's Gold CG in 4:49 by LarasLawyer

Protected by the Dead IG in 1:29  Archive by jarekhanzelka

Barkhang Monastery CG in 10:56 by apel

40 Fathoms IG in 3:36  Archive by TimmyAkmed

Wreck of the Maria Doria IG in 4:52  Archive by TimmyAkmed

Opera House IG in 1:43  Archive by LarasLawyer

One Room Challenge - Snow Business IG in 2:52  Archive by Spearmint

Al-Kashkar I CG in 8:27 by jarekhanzelka

Jerusalem - Old City, 2011 I CG in 3:54 by jarekhanzelka

Church of the Holy Sepulchre I CG in 3:29 by jarekhanzelka

Jerusalem - Old City, 2011 II CG in 0:07 by jarekhanzelka

The Wailing Wall I CG in 1:23 by jarekhanzelka

The Temple Mount CG in 3:24 by jarekhanzelka

The Cherubim are Calling CG in 17:31 by jarekhanzelka

Entire run done in 38:15  Archive

13.02.2012 by Ewil


I'd like to welcome our latest member TimmyAkmed, who started his "career" by improving two levels of Tomb Raider II, a game that will probably never be maxxed out. I've also decided to change the update layout. I hope you like it.

Wings of Apocalyse: The Beginning CG in 2:15  Archive - by Spearmint

Diving Area IG in 6:17  Archive by TimmyAkmed

Opera House IG in 1:55  Archive by TimmyAkmed

Lost Valley I in 4:36  Archive by Random

Tomb of Tihocan secrets C in 8:54 by RadxxRyan

The Deck secrets C in 6:03 by xRikux89 - took a year to submit

Tibetan Foothills secrets C in 7:28 by xRikux89

Barkhang Monastery secrets C in 15:34 by xRikux89

Temple Ruins CG in 12:15 by apel

Caves of Kaliya CG in 1:28 by apel

Jungle CG in 0:39 by Michi

The River Ganges CG in 2:13 by Michi

One Room Challenge - The Veiled Monastery IG in 1:49 by jarekhanzelka

Thames Wharf TAS in 0:18 by apel

Catacombs of the Talion CG in 1:54 by apel