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May 2012

20.05.2012 by rr_carroll

Updates to the Up With Corner Bugs page.

Under Flicker Motion, added the Run-Embed Bug, Flicker Motion's relation to sudden distance increases and Trigger Bugs and the Drop-Catch Trick for wall transfer. Near the end of the page, we add Corner Bug with Sprint Cancel.

07.05.2012 by Ewil

IL runs

Bolivia secrets in 10:46  Archive by Spearmint

Nepal secrets in 9:30  Archive by Spearmint

Opera House IG in 1:33  Archive by Valdive

The Deck IG in 1:59  Archive by TimmyAkmed

The Great Wall 100% IG in 7:54  Archive by koboltovich

TRV glitched glitched by jarekhanzelka

Streets of Rome in 5:52

Trajan's Markets in 0:58

The Colloseum in 6:35

The Base in 6:16

The Submarine in 8:42

Deepsea Dive in 4:05

Sinking Submarine in 7:48

Gallows Tree in 0:08

The Labyrinth in 3:25

Old Mill in 6:31

The 13th Floor in 6:39

Escape with the Iris in 8:22

Red Alert! in 8:07

Entire run done in 1:13:28. Archive links will be added later as this run will be submitted to SDA.

TR Forge Advent Calendar 2011 - The Pirate Princess glitched by jarekhanzelka

Puerto Corona I in 2:51

Bayou in 5:56

Puerto Corona II in 9:12

The Pirate Princess in 2:16

Entire run done in 20:15  Archive.


Bartoli's Hideout non-restricted in 0:17:07 by Valdive

Temple of Puna restricted in 0:32:73 by tombraiderfunniez

05.05.2012 by rr_carroll

Updates to the Quick Crawlspace Move and Stumble Cancelling.

Updated the main Area 51 page with new varieties of the Quick Crawlspace Move and Stumble Cancelling.