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November 2012

28.11.2012 by Ewil

Want more? You got it.

IL runs

Playable Tutorial Level in 2:18  Archive by AtlasRaider

Christmas Manor in 8:09  Archive by AtlasRaider

Mayberry Street in 0:39  Archive by MMAN

TRLE Coyote Creek 2 by DarkSpotz21 and MrJavi94

Lake Apache in 13:21 by MrJavi94

The Canyon in 4:23 by MrJavi94

Canyon Bridge in 2:43 by MrJavi94

TRLE Meeting Speed Raiding by MrJavi94

Outside in 1:36  Archive

Inside in 5:16  Archive

22.11.2012 by Ewil

Too many runs to handle...

IL runs

Following a London Sect in 1:16  Archive by MMAN

Coastal Village in 1:29 by AtlasRaider

Inti is Watching You in 0:04  Archive by MMAN

Venice 100% in 9:29  Archive by koboltovich

Louvre Quest for an Answer in 4:45  Archive by AtlasRaider

Candlelight in 0:50  Archive by AtlasRaider

A Time To Be Born in 2:06  Archive by AtlasRaider

Arco Iris, The Manor in 0:40  Archive by AtlasRaider

Desert Ruins and The Serpent Tower in 1:08  Archive by AtlasRaider

Lara's Ballad in 0:08  Archive by AtlasRaider

TRLE Coyote Creek 2 by DarkSpotz21 and MrJavi94

Return to Coyote Creek in 1:14

03.11.2012 by Ewil

I'd like to welcome our newest talented member, DarkSpotz21. He already raped several amazing records and let's hope he'll continue in this matter. Also, Valdive is now Tulilintu, so don't be surprised.

IL runs

High Security Compound in 8:32  Archive by MMAN

Meteorite Cavern in 2:50  Archive by MMAN

Temple of Puna in 1:52  Archive by AtlasRaider

Ice Palace in 2:30  Archive by MMAN

The Great Wall NG+ in 2:59  Archive by MMAN

Lara's Mansion in 0:23  Archive by DarkSpotz21

The Lost Valley in 0:08  Archive by DarkSpotz21

The Coliseum in 1:30  Archive by DarkSpotz21

Final Conflict in 0:26  Archive by DarkSpotz21

Ice Palace in 2:29  Archive by MrJavi94

Catacombs of the Talion in 1:43  Archive by MrJavi94

Caves of Kaliya NG+ in 1:14  Archive by apel

The Times Exclusive secrets in 6:03  Archive by xRikux89

TRI glitchless secrets by RadxxRyan

Obelisk of Khamoon in 6:42