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August 2013

22.08.2013 by Ewil

RIP rr_carroll

I'm afraid I have some bad news, guys. Our dear Bug Scientist rr_carroll has passed away on July 11th 2013 at the age of 69. Nobody can deny his huge contribution, knowledge, determination and conducivity for the Tomb Raider community. He will be missed. If you wish to comment on this occasion, go here.

IL runs

40 Fathoms in 4:04  Archive by AtlasRaider

TRI Gold glitched secrets by Tartan

Atlantean Stronghold in 4:51

The Hive in 4:59

Entire speedrun in 27:43  Archive

TRII glitchless 100% by chreden

Offshore Rig in 11:27

Diving Area in 14:17

40 Fathoms in 7:17

Wreck of the Maria Doria in 19:29

Living Quarters in 9:07

TRI glitchless secrets by RadxxRyan

Atlantis in 9:10

TRII glitched by apel

Home Sweet Home in 2:26

Entire speedrun in 1:08:25  Archive

TRV glitchless by AtlasRaider and TimmyAkmed

Streets of Rome in 9:05 by AtlasRaider

Trajan's Markets in 9:09 by AtlasRaider

The Submarine in 9:12 by AtlasRaider

03.08.2013 by Ewil

IL runs

Catacombs of the Talion in 1:40  Archive by AtlasRaider

Coastal Village in 1:27  Archive by AtlasRaider

Opera House in 2:36  Archive by AtlasRaider

TRI Gold glitched secrets by Tartan

Temple of the Cat in 13:29

TRII glitchless 100% by chreden

Bartoli's Hideout in 9:27

Opera House in 13:45

TRI glitchless secrets by RadxxRyan

Natla's Mines in 12:54

TRI glitchless by MMAN

Tomb of Tihocan in 7:00

City of Khamoon in 5:18

Obelisk of Khamoon in 5:02

Sanctuary of the Scion in 7:37

Natla's Mines in 6:09

Atlantis in 8:23

The Great Pyramid in 6:19

Entire speedrun in 1:27:26