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March 2013

24.03.2013 by rr_carroll

Updates to the Down page of Classic Bugs, Area 51.

Added two types of sidestep descending bug.

Updates to the Up With Corner Bugs page.

Roll Corner Bug: added TR1 to the header. Added sentence for Wall Slide to a corner bug. Described Flying Corner Bug. Restored the entry for the Roll Crack Bug.

13.03.2013 by Ewil

Lara is back

YES! Tomb Raider 2013 had been finally released after so many years and while it's not the best Tomb Raider ever, the discussion over a speedrun has already begun. You can join the discussion here and here. Also, after 2,5 years there's finally a GoL speedrun we can be proud of. It was done by two guys, Fatalis and dawhos, as coop session and let me tell you it's full of awesome skips and glitches. Go check it out.

IL runs

Jungle secrets in 4:08  Archive by AtlasRaider

Offshore Rig TAS in 4:02  Archive by TimmyAkmed

Bartoli's Hideout TAS in 1:59  Archive by TimmyAkmed

City in 0:24  Archive by AtlasRaider

Croft Manor Tutorial Level in 0:25  Archive by AtlasRaider

TRIV glitchless by AtlasRaider

Valley of the Kings in 1:34

KV5 in 1:35

Temple of Karnak I in 3:27

The Great Hypostyle Hall I in 0:59

Sacred Lake I in 3:47

Temple of Karnak II I in 2:56

The Great Hypostyle Hall II in 3:10

Sacred Lake II in 1:56

GoL coop GG by Fatalis and dawhos

Entire run in 18:54

Archive links will be provided once the run is up on SDA.