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November 2013

25.11.2013 by Ewil

IL runs

Atlantean Stronghold in 0:49  Archive by MMAN

SS runs

TRII glitchless in 1:43:56 by MMAN

Video will be available later once the run is up on SDA.

TRII glitchless 100% by chreden

Floating Islands in 10:43

The Dragon's Lair in 3:15

Home Sweet Home in 2:58

Entire run in 3:19:43

TRV glitched secrets by AtlasRaider

Streets of Rome in 8:04

Trajan's Markets in 6:04

The Colosseum in 7:49

TRI glitchless secrets by RadxxRyan

The Great Pyramid in 7:10

Entire run in 1:53:43

TRII glitched by apel

The Great Wall in 2:58

Venice in 2:47