Tomb Runner: Tomb Raider speedrunning site

Tomb Raider speedrunning site


Facebook - Our official Facebook page.

Old Tombrunner forum - Forum we previously used. You can find a lot of stuff there.

Speed Demos Archive - The ultimate source for hundreds of speedruns.

TAS Videos - Tool Assisted Speedruns.

Serious Sam Done Quick - TheVoid's speedrunning website concentrated on Serious Sam games.

Stella's Walkthrough - Very detailed walkthrough of every Tomb Raider including many other info.

Tomb - Official Tomb Raider site.

Tomb Raider Chronicles - Huge database of wallpapers, patches, walkthroughs, FMV's and many more.

Tomb Raider Forums - The largest Tomb Raider forums.

Tomb Raider Hub - Outfits database, walkthroughs and Time Trial tips.

Video Games - Detailed walkthroughs, cheats, save game files, wallpapers, icons, and more!

Level Editor - Download level editor.

Tomb Raider Custom Levels - The biggest custom levels database.

Tomb Raider Tourist - rr_carroll's website showing many corner and other bugs.

Tomb Raider Bugs - Bugs and curiosities throughout Tomb Raider.

Hunter's Tomb Raider Tales - Tales and Lara's travel guides.

Raider969's walkthroughs - TRI to TR6 video walkthroughs.

Glidos - 3D acceleration emulator for Tomb Raider I and Unfinished Business.

DgVoodoo - Alternative 3D acceleration emulator for Tomb Raider I and Unfinished Business.

FRAPS - Best PC recording software. Works with all Tomb Raiders.

HyperCam - Alternative PC recording software.

Bandicam - Alternative PC recording software.